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Our Company is founded on the highest levels of Customer Care and Service possible. It is our primary objective to make your shopping experience with Shoehealer interesting, informative, enjoyable and above all just the beginning of a journey that will continue far into the future.

At Shoehealer, we have built a formidable reputation for quality and service, which is based on total Honesty, Trust and Integrity. We have a Global Base of very satisfied customers who return regularly for our products and services, which go far beyond making a simple purchase of a pair of shoes. The best advice, the very best products and our comprehensive and varied Repair Service for all Goodyear Welted Footwear is enjoyed by many, time and again. Our highly trained staff have a wealth of knowledge, gained from many years experience not just in the Shoe Retail industry, but also in Shoe Repair and Maintenance. We make frequent visits to several UK Shoemaker's factories, familiarising ourselves not only with the many models and variations available, but the Construction Methods and Material Quality of English Hand Made Footwear.

In our own workshops, our 'Hands On' experience is vital in enabling us to further understand more about shoes that are not just new out of the box, but also how they change with wear. It is this indepth knowledge and understanding that enables us to offer reliable, totally honest and unbiased advice, and always with the very best intention. It truly sets us apart from the rest. We encourage all of our clients to contact us anytime, for information or advice should we be able to help with anything. Enquiries may not necessarily lead to a purchase, but will always receive a warm welcome and response. We are delighted to be, and always are at your service.

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